Why is Contract Hire a good choice?
Tue Jan 13, 2015

Contract Hire is simply a method of long term renting linked to a mileage allowance, which can provide you or your company a fixed monthly payment for any vehicle.

You can choose how long you want to keep the car or commercial vehicle for and simply return it at the end of the contract and collect your replacement. It is a really simple way to budget and fix your motoring costs; all that remains for you to do is insure and fuel your company vehicle.

If you're unsure as to what vehicle you are wanting to commit to, that's not a problem. We offer a 'try before you buy' period and the best part about it is any rental cost will be credited towards your initial advance rental. This way you're not setting up a long term lease on a vehicle only to find early on it wasn't really what you had expected.

Many of our business clients choose to Contract Hire their company vehicles which can offer many benefits.


Flexible Terms

You choose your ideal vehicle make, model & specification, planned mileage and rental period and we’ll match your requirements to the best value package available.

Full Vehicle Maintenance

Full vehicle maintenance is included providing you with worry-free motoring at a fixed budget cost and best of all -no hidden surprises!

24hr Breakdown & Recovery Service

If in the unlikely event of a breakdown at any point during your travels, we'll be there to put you back on the road with our Breakdown & Recovery Service 24/7/365.

Replacement Vehicles

In the event your vehicle has broken down or is having routine service work completed we'll provide you with the nearest like-for-like Replacement Vehicle at no additional cost to you (excludes fuel & insurance).
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