What is a Bus Gate?
Tue Feb 20, 2018

There are currently 2 'Bus Gates' in operation in Manchester City Centre:

  • Oxford Road
  • Portland Street

A Bus Gate is a stretch of road which is only  open to buses, black cabs (not private hire or Uber) and pedal cycles. Unlike bus lanes there are no grey areas regarding their usage.

The council defines buses as "motor vehicles built or adapted to carry 8 or more passengers."

Bus Gates are easily identifiable by the 'No Motor Vehicles' signs at the entry point (a red circle with a picture of a car and motorcycle inside.)

The fine for breaching the 'No Motor Vehicles' rule is up to £90. However the following vehicles from our fleet are exempt from the rule:

Further information on Bus Gates (including how to pay a fine) can be found on Manchester City Council's website.