Simplifying Damage Recharges
Sat Nov 29, 2014

30th November 14

As part of our efforts to both simplify and speed up the damage recharge process for customers, from 1st December we will refer to this price list for minor damage to vehicles, where there is no Third Party involved. Upon returning vehicle with minor damage, you will be asked to sign a legal declaration that there is no third party interest, along with a description of how the damage occurred. If we are satisfied with the explanation, and the entirety of the new damage to the vehicle is covered by the price list, we will charge from the price list and return the balance of your security deposit there and then.

In all other cases, including where you have a Service Level Agreement with us, we will continue to charge the full excess at the point of return, and then have the vehicle individually assessed by our Fleet Department.

We believe that for simple cases of minor damage this new procedure will ultimately save our customers time, stress and money, as well as returning the damaged vehicle to service sooner.