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Severe Snow Warning - Amber Alert
Thu Jan 22, 2015

Severe weather conditions of ice and snow are upon us this week, the Met Office has announced the UK is currently on amber alert between this Wednesday and Friday. The Snow levels are expected to reach as much as 15 cm on higher grounds and between 3 and 8 cm on lower levels of England, so please remember to wrap up warm and drive steadily on the roads.

Driving in the Snow - Safety Tips 101


Remember to slowely reduce your speed, accelerate slowly and brake softly. No slamming on the brakes.

Slow & Steady

It dosen't just win the race, but could keep you out of trouble when it comes to turning. While performing a turn keep the steering wheel as still as possible with no sharp or jerky movements and maintain a slow and steady speed. Then wait until you are pointed straight to push on the accelerator.

and most importantly...

Look where you want to go

When it's time to turn it's a good idea to keep your eyes looking through the turn toward to where you want to go. Don't be tempted to stare at obstacles or roadsides that you want to avoid. Just looking forward and keep the steering wheel pointed steadily in that direction.

We would like to thanks our partners at the RAC for proving these tips on driving in the snow.

See our latest video post below.