Our Cars Are Mixing With the Stars
Mon Nov 25, 2013

Not many local car hire companies can say they have had one of their cars play a role in Emmerdale. We can however, check out this pictures of one of our cars stealing the limelight!

Our silver Mercedes CLS…

Mercedes CLS on Emmerdale

Emmerdale is a long-running drama that has lodged itself in the hearts of millions of UK viewers. It is set in the Yorkshire Dales amongst beautiful countryside backdrops, telling the stories of the individuals and families who play a part in Emmerdale.

We couldn’t have thought of a better place for our Mercedes CLS to make its debut on the small screen. We wonder what will be in store next for our Mercedes CLS… the big screen perhaps?

The Mercedes CLS is part of our luxury and prestigious range which you can rent on our website. The Mercedes CLS has a top speed of 150mph and can reach 60mph in just 7.5 seconds. You can rent this car for just £48.96 per day! No wonder Emmerdale came to us for their rental needs.