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New Renault Trafic
Mon Sep 29, 2014

We’re looking forward to adding the 'New' Renault Trafic range to our fleet which aims to build upon the success of its distinctive predecessor, by offering improved fuel consumption, lower emissions, increased carrying capacity and a more refined cab/office environment for drivers.

The Trafic retains a distinctive face, with Renault's large corporate diamond logo taking centre stage. The van has an additional 21cm in body length, in both L1 and L2 models, shared between the load bay and the cab. The bulkhead has been fixed 3cm further back, to provide improved legroom which will be welcomed by taller drivers.

Just like the new Transit Custom there is an option for a load-through bulkhead which allows you to put longer loads beneath the passenger seat and a second panel that permits entry through to the passenger foot-well. Amazingly this means that load lengths of 3.75m in the L1 model and 4.15m for the L2 van can be accommodated. Load volumes are now up to 5.2m3 and 6.0m3 respectively on standard roof models and as much as 8.6m3 for the largest L2 H2 (higher roof line) model.

The standard roof H1 models can also be supplied with an internal roof rack. The roof cross members have been reinforced to support a 163cm long, 65cm wide rack, capable of carrying 2m copper pipes or even a step ladder.

While things are certainly bigger in the back, they have been downsized under the bonnet, with the two previous 2.0-litre engines replaced by no less than four 1.6-litre motors. There are two single turbo engines, offering 90hp and 115hp, plus two twin turbo models with 120hp and 140hp on offer.

The good news for drivers is that even the single turbo 115hp engine has more than enough power to haul a laden Trafic along easily.

The seat cushions are lower than the out-going model and the seat feels more reclined for a more car-like driving experience. There is also more adjustment for both the seat and the steering wheel, ensuring that all drivers should be able to get into a comfortable position.

The Renault Trafic comes with an innovative laptop station that folds up to form a backrest for the central seat, first seen in it’s bigger brother the Master (Group C6HX in our line up) and has loads of storage in 14 bins, trays and cubbies.

The van comes in various model guises but our plan would be to stick with the Sport derivative which has served us so well. Not only does the Sport look the part, but it has a great level of equipment fitted as standard including the all-important air conditioning! 

At County our Business Class range of vans and people movers are all equipped with air conditioning and additional features as standard and include higher-powered engines. These ‘extra’s’ take the strain out of longer distance travel. After-all, why should van drivers be treated any less well than those driving cars?

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