Mercedes Benz C Class : New on Fleet This Week
Tue Aug 23, 2016 | By: Sara Orritt


The C Class has been around for a while, and we’ve had various models on fleet, so I’m cheating a bit by describing it as ‘new’. That being said, there are a number of updates to the latest version that (in my opinion) make it worthy of a review in the ‘New on Fleet’ series.

C Class Exterior

Traditionally this is a model that has been overlooked in favour of flashier models. The latest updates though have improved it’s street cred: It’s sleek, stylish and (most importantly) smart.

Predictably, all of the Mercedes’ 2016 models come with an arsenal of safety technology (and a 5* safety rating from NCAP). Parking is relatively risk-free too in the C Class with the inclusion of reversing cameras as well as front and rear parking sensors.

C Class Reversing Camera

This model is set apart from it’s predecessors with one of the most upmarket interiors in it’s class. Mercedes have fused style and smart technology with the recent introduction of a touch-pad. This works somewhat like a smartphone by allowing you to swipe and scroll through menus. With the inclusion of Bluetooth Audio you can also swipe through song choices (great for those of us with *ahem* questionable taste in music). Taking things one step further than the iPhone, the Mercedes touch pad will also allow you to write out your destination with your finger when using the Sat Nav.

C Class Touch Pad

The front section of the vehicle might be fun but Mercedes haven’t sacrificed practicality – the boot space is generous and can be extended via the folding rear seats (which lie flush with the boot floor). This makes it the perfect vehicle for business use - and we’ve already seen a number leave the fleet temporarily on contract hire.

Our C220s and C250s are mostly automatic but we have a handful of manual transmissions on fleet as well. All of the models in stock include a number of luxury benefits – for example Sat Nav, Climate Control and Heated Seats.

C Class Front

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