Mercedes Benz B Class : New on Fleet This Week
Tue Aug 30, 2016 | By: Sara Orritt

Truth be told, I was initially a little image-conscious about driving this car - so from the outset it was going to have to do a lot to win me over.

B Class Exterior

Here is how it managed to…

Boot Space: Initially I took the B Class because it was the only thing that would fit my dog’s travel crate in the boot. (She isn’t very large and nor is her crate but most ‘hatchback’ designs simply don’t have the height required to carry it). Then, on one of our recent trips away, I realised I could fit my suitcase and various other bits and bobs around it comfortably - for once my back seat didn’t look like a jumble sale!

B Class Boot Space

I hung onto this car though because it is so comfortable to drive. The first time I sat in it I felt like I was in something a little space-age and minimalist, I wasn’t sure I would like it… but I did!

B Class Interior

‘Spacious’ is a word you can use to describe the interior of this car – and not just because it has a large boot. The rear and front passenger seats have ample height and leg room, while the rear passengers also benefit from fold-out tables.

My dog enjoyed riding in it so much, the cat wanted in too!

B Class Fan

We mostly have manual versions on fleet. This suits me just fine but there is an automatic option available if that’s your preference. Almost all of our B Class models have Sat Nav in them, along with the usual gadgetry: Bluetooth (Telephone and Audio), Air Con, Reversing Camera (some models only), Front and Rear Parking sensors, etc…

And all for a very reasonable price – including some great Rent28 deals. So why not enquire today?