Look For the BVRLA Logo
Mon Nov 25, 2013


Businesses that use rental and hire vehicles are being urged to choose vehicle hire companies that are members of the BVRLA. You will know when a car hire company is a BVRLA member when you see the logo displayed on their website or in-shop.

BVRLA stands for British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association and is an association that has recently started the ‘look for the logo’ campaign. The ‘look for the logo’ campaign was set up to urge businesses to choose hire vehicles with those hire companies that are members of the BVRLA through leaflets.

The ‘look for the logo’ leaflet details the BVRLAs Code of Conduct, Quality Assurance Programme, and Conciliation Service that is mandatory to all its members. The leaflet also explains how its members and they work together to make sure businesses are getting safe, maintainable, and affordable vehicles.

BVRLA and its members also recognise that people and businesses tend to use the internet to collect information. From recognising this, BVRLA has also added information on their website to help consumers with any questions and to provide information that will help understand the vehicle rental process better.

BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney, said that the reason behind the ‘look for the logo’ campaign was to generate a stronger awareness of BVRLA and the benefits consumers will get when renting with its members.

He commented: “Many public sector organisations already insist on working with a BVRLA member because they understand the role we play in maintaining standards and providing an avenue to resolve disputes in the event of a problem.

“By redesigning our website and producing this leaflet, we are giving our members even more reason to display their BVRLA logo with pride.”

County Rental is proud to be a member of the BVRLA. We are looking forward to seeing the ‘look for the logo’ campaign releasing a stream of information to businesses about the benefits of using BVRLA member for their vehicle rental needs.