Fifteen Shades of Grey
Wed Feb 25, 2015

You may have heard a lot of hype about a certain film being released this month, based on a bestselling novel with a rather ambiguous title. We thought the film it's self was quite colourful in some scenes, but felt they didn’t feature enough grey's for our liking. You can be sure to find a full variety of exterior and interior finishes at county. It may not be fifty but there's still quite a range to choose from.

#1 Tenorite Grey Mercedes-Benz E220 Saloon

Mercedes-Benz E220 Saloon Tenorite Grey

#2 Mountain Grey Mercedes-Benz B Class

Mercedes-Benz B Class Mountain Grey

#3 Crystal Grey Mercedes-Benz B Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz-B Class Crystal Grey Interior

#4 Midnight Grey Mini Countryman S ALL4

Mini Cooper S ALL4 Countryman Midnight Grey

#5 Satellite Grey  Mini Countryman Interior

Mini Countryman Satellite Grey Interior

#6 Shadow Grey Mini Cooper Interior

Mini Cooper Shadow Grey Trim Interior

#7 Mineral Grey BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series Mineral Grey

#8 Everest Grey BMW 1 Series Interior

BMW 1 Series Everest Grey Interior

#9 Magnetic Ford Transit LWB

Ford Transit LWB Magnetic

#10 Charcoal Ford Transit LWB Interior

Ford Transit LWB Magnetic Interior

#11 Urano Grey VW Touran

VW Touran Urano Grey

#12 Anthracite VW Touran Interior

VW Touran Urano Anthracite Interior

#13 Graphite Grey Toyota Hilux Invincible

Toyota Hilux Invincible Graphite Grey

#14 Carbon Quartz Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris Carbon Quartz

...and finally

#15 Tech House Grey Fiat 500S

Fiat 500S Tech House Grey