Daily Rental Fair Wear and Tear Guide
Thu Mar 1, 2018

Since 1989 we’ve been renting vehicles to both trade and public across the North West, and we’ve striven to be open, transparent and honest in all of our dealings. Our own research has shown that our customers would like greater transparency into matters of damage, recharging and repairs, and we’re happy to provide that to them through this guide. From day one, we’ve been members of the B.V.R.L.A. and subject to their Code of Conduct. The B.V.R.L.A. has its own fair wear and tear guide for long-term rentals, but nowhere have we found a similar standard for daily rental vehicles.

So in consultation with select suppliers, customers and partners, we've made our own!

We hope you never need this guide, and it merely sheds light on the processes we employ for assessing, rectifying and recharging for damage to our daily rental fleet. It's an evolving document and as such, you'll always be able to find the latest version for viewing through this webpage or this direct link.