Dartford Crossing
Changes to the Dartford Crossing
Thu Jan 15, 2015

A new payment system called Dart Charge has been introduced to the Dartford Crossing. The toll booths are being replaced by an automated number plate recognition system that is believed to improve congestion within the area by removing the need to stop and pay. 

Instead of a cash or card payment at the toll booths, drivers can pay by either going online, by phone or visiting one of the many payzone retail outlets nationwide. You can choose to make one-off payments, which in the long run can be considered rather costly or you can set up a pre-paid account in advance where you will save up to a third of the cost. Locals that live in Dartford or Thurrock may qualify for a resident's discount, proof of address will be required and the discount will only apply to one vehicle. The crossing will still be free to use between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

Motorists will be encouraged to pay the charge before using the crossing and will have up until midnight the following day to make a payment or will be faced with a penalty. Please be aware that the penatly charge will increase substantially if the payment isn't made with 28 days - we strongly advice customers to set up a pre-paid account to avoid these charges.

The new changes are already in effect and roadwork will continue until spring 2015.

For more information vist: GOV.UK