Service Manager

Vacancy Description

Oversee the maintenance and management of our diverse and extensive fleet! Salary will be dependent upon experience. This is a managerial position with supervisory responsibilities, based at our headquarters in Stockport.

Operational Responsibilities:

Overall responsibility for the maintenance and management of the vehicle fleet. Decision making with respect to Fleet Maintenance and Repairs. Following up decisions to ensure desirable outcomes.

Maintaining compliance with all relevant legislation; ensuring all vehicles are legislation compliant and are maintained and tested to relevant legal standards. Ensuring that all vehicles are taxed or SORNed according to requirement. 

Management of repairs to damaged fleet vehicles; sourcing and assessment of suppliers, assessment of costs and instruction of client re-charges.

Maintenance of fleet records; ensuring that records are complete and up-to-date.

Managing the operational cost base of the fleet; driving down costs by supplier negotiation and improvements in efficiency.

Review and re-formulation of fleet procedures. Implementation and enforcement of all relevant procedures.

Liason with front-office and logistics departments to ensure vehicle availability for timely service, maintenance and defleet.

Management of mechanical failures, breakdowns and recalls.

Communication and reporting on all fleet matters: ensuring that management and front-office staff are adequately informed of vehicle statuses and changes in same.

Oversight of the new-on-fleet and de-fleet procedures, including documentation, preparation and installation of ancillary items such as trackers, signwriting and ply-lining.

Monitoring and review of works and repairs ongoing, to ensure timely resolution.

Responsibility for the operation and profitability of the County Service Station: apportioning internal works based upon fleet and other requirements.

Driving and enforcing cost-effective solutions in an often 'noisy' and multi-inputted environment. 


Managerial/Supervisory Responsibilities:

Supervision of a team of 3 people:

  • Damage/Defleet Supervisor
  • Fleet Administrator
  • Service Station Mechanic

Ensuring satisfactory performance from staff members; day-to-day management and supervision, performance monitoring, target and goal setting and appraisals on an on-going basis.

Development of staff members necessary technical knowledge and professional qualification.

Establishment of proper procedures and self management systems for individuals. Working with individuals to ensure that team and company goals are met.



Desirable: service/technical management role in the automotive industry.

Required: service/technical knowledge and experience of vehicles.


Personal Qualities

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Confident and assertive with the ability to drive through solutions in the face of multiple and fast-changing priorities and requirements.
  • Able to liaise internally with other departments, recognising their priorities while also ensuring compliance with fleet requirements.
  • In possession of excellent interpersonal skills and able to work effectively with colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc at all levels.
  • A proven negotiator with the ability to manage supplier relationships and drive down costs.
  • Highly change-tolerant, thriving on a pressurised and fast-moving environment.
  • Capable of supervising staff effectively: demonstrating the ability to direct and guide staff to high levels of motivation, organisation and performance. 

Due to legal insurance restrictions only applicants over 25 years of age can be considered and you must be clear of any DR and IN endorsements on your driving licence. If you have previously applied for this role, you will not be reconsidered until a period of one year has elapsed since the date of your application.


Application process for this role has finished.